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Signage for Cyclists Safety and Wayfinding

Progress being Made on Installation of 3 Ft. Clearance to Pass Cyclists Signs

A major initiative of Bike Jeffco has been to replace vague SHARE THE ROAD signs with the new clearer STATE LAW – 3 FT CLEARANCE signs. CDOT, Jefferson County and City of Lakewood are making good progress on installing the new signs

On June 9, 2022, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) had a public event in Golden announcing their plan to implement replacement of signs. CDOT has begun the process of sign replacement in areas of the highest concern.

At the June 9 Sign Unveiling event with key representatives from CDOT, Bicycle Colorado, and Jefferson County

Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering has been installing signs shown below for several years now in strategic locations such as Hwy 103 and W. Belleview.

Jeffco Signs Placed on W. Belleview in 2020
Signs placed on Hwy 103.

Funding concerns have slowed their efforts, but in November 2022, Jeffco received a $1.25 million grant from the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) which will cover new 3 FT Clearance signage and bike facilities on shared roadways. The new signs will follow the CDOT template.

Jenny Gritton, Alternative Transportation Coordinator for City of Lakewood is getting the first of many STATE LAW – 3 FT CLEARANCE signs installed. Lakewood’s sign shop has stepped up production of the new signs. In Summer -Autumn 2022, 32 of the new signs were installed on Lakewood streets.  Lakewood is also installing Cyclists May Use Full Lane Signs.

Jenny Gritton, Bike Jeffco, and Lakewood Workers in the Sign Shop.

The new sign is located on Florida at Dudley.

Jeffco Sheriff’s Variable Message Board Placement

One of our most effective partnerships is working with the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office.  An initiative we undertook in 2022 was to locate the solar powered, mobile variable message boards (VMBs) on roadways where the potential for motorist-cyclist interaction was high due to road design or destination popularity.  The VMBs message reminded all that 3 FT to Pass is State law.  The message boards were placed on Lookout Mountain, Hwy 40, Bear Creek Canyon Road, Deer Creek Canyon Road, and others.  They stayed in place for two weeks, then moved to other locations.  Since the equipment was already available, this was an almost zero-cost initiative.  Cyclists reported that they were given more space during the placement of the boards. KUDOS to Commander Ian Thompson for getting the VMBs moved in accordance with a schedule provided by Bike Jeffco.

We’re going to continue this program in 2023!  During winter months, the solar powered signs are not as visible, and their placement can block the snow plow clearance.  Boards can be damaged, and batteries don’t have the same staying power in the cold.  For these reasons, the boards will be in hibernation until after first quarter 2023.

A cell camera can’t capture the whole message: 3-FT MIN TO PASS CYCLISTS COLO STATE LAW.