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Jefferson County, Colorado is one of the best places on the planet to be a cyclist. We work to make it even better.

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Lookout Mountain Cycling Crash – December 22, 2023

There is an ongoing investigation of the December 16th crash involving three cyclists (David Keating, Zach Bingham, and Mike Lee) involved in a hit and run with speeding/reckless drivers on Lookout Mountain. We hope that a thorough and aggressive investigation will apprehend these offenders, and that subsequent charges, prosecution, and sentencing will follow. Thorough crash site investigations are critical, as are timely charges brought by our district attorneys, and appropriate sentencing for crimes committed.

We are not privy to the specifics of this early investigation, yet Bike Jeffco once again reiterates our commitment:

• To facilitate and promote enjoyable, safe, accessible cycling
• To support the cycling community in Jeffco and surrounding areas
• To encourage safe roads and safe behaviors for everyone.

This is why our organization exists, and why we are consulted and actively participate in many strategic projects throughout the counties. Everyone deserves to get home safely.

Safe Routes Partnership Selects Bike Jeffco Inc. to Develop a Plan for City of Wheat Ridge – December 22, 2023

From a competitive pool of nationwide applicants, the Safe Routes Partnership has selected Bike Jeffco Inc. to join Safe Routes to Parks Colorado Activating Communities, a technical assistance program focused on improving safe and equitable local park access. As part of the program, Wheat Ridge will be among four diverse communities based in Colorado to receive training and coaching from the Safe Routes Partnership to develop an action plan for improving travel to local parks and green spaces and implement early actions from the plan.

Safe Routes to Parks initiatives work to improve safety and security for people walking, bicycling, and rolling to parks and green spaces. This need is especially pronounced in neighborhoods and communities lacking infrastructure to support safe walking and bicycling, where violence and crime are prevalent, and where high rates of weight-related chronic disease are prevalent. One of Wheat Ridge’s biggest assets for its residents is its network of parks and open spaces. The city currently lacks adequate, safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and routes to access those public spaces without using a vehicle. There is great support among residents for improvement in bicycle and pedestrian access and safety, traffic and speeding, and public safety. A local ballot initiative passed with 70 percent support to provide funding for infrastructure improvements. Bike Jeffco applied for this program as an opportunity to work collaboratively with community residents, the Wheat Ridge Active Transportation Advisory Team, and the City of Wheat Ridge to develop an action plan that could be used to launch Wheat Ridge’s investment into active transportation infrastructure. The project complements our current work on trail access, public safety, and education.

The Safe Routes to Parks Colorado Activating Communities program aims to remove barriers that make it challenging for people to enjoy the physical, social, and mental health benefits that parks offer, and proactively work toward ensuring safe, secure access to parks and open spaces. This program is supported by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the Colorado Department of Transportation as they work to advance park access throughout the state to increase park usage and improve health for all Coloradans.

Bike Jeffco’s mission is to facilitate and promote enjoyable, safe, accessible cycling. Core missions include promoting better infrastructure for cyclists, community interaction through cycling, bicycle education to influence safer, responsible behavior, support of legislation that benefits cyclists and pedestrians, and expanding trail/path access.

Team Evergreen Awards Bike Advocacy Grant to Bike Jeffco – November 21, 2023

Team Evergreen is the oldest and largest cycling club in Colorado. Their mission is to build the cycling community by expanding rider experiences, hosting compelling events, and channeling thoughtful philanthropic impact. They are able to do all these things because of event attendance. The Triple Bypass, Salida 76, Betti Bike Bash, Session Series, and Blue Sky Hill Climb are top notch events that are on so many bucket lists. These events are well run, FUN, and give the participant coveted bragging rights just by wearing the event jerseys.

Our partnership with Team Evergreen allows us to work within the community to facilitate and promote enjoyable, safe and accessible cycling. We are grateful for the support! The $4,000 grant will allow us to begin our Bike Trail Ambassador Program and continue our advocacy work. THANK YOU ALL!

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