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Colorado’s Slow Down and Move Over Day…August 7 2023

We should apply this to cyclists as well !!

If you see a disabled vehicle on the side of the road …SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER.  We are advocating that if you see a cyclist either in the lane or on the shoulder of the road, do the same thing:  SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER.  If there’s no room to move over, SLOW DOWN.

The recent crash on the Diagonal Hwy that claimed the life of young cyclist Magnus White when a vehicle crossed onto the shoulder and hit him from behind highlights why we need a slow down and move over approach.  We wrote letters of support for the study and creation of a protected bikeway along the Diagonal.  Even when a bikeway is funded, it takes years to bring that vision to reality.  Technology to enhance car safety standards to allow for detection of cyclists hasn’t been adopted in the US.  A multilane highway, like the Diagonal, allows motorists to easily slow down and move over to provide a safer space to law enforcement officers and first responders, cyclists and to individuals with disabled vehicles.    Slowing down and moving over reduces the percentage of exposure for vulnerable road users.

All 50 States have “Move Over” laws to protect law enforcement officers and other first responders stopped on our roads.  It’s estimated that one-third of the public isn’t aware of these laws.  Traffic-related incidents are still the number one cause of deaths among on duty law enforcement officers.  Starting Monday, August 7th, Colorado’s Move Over Law is expanding:  drivers on state throughfares will be required to move over or slow down when passing disable vehicles with their hazards flashing.  Do the same thing if you see a cyclist in the lane ahead, or on the shoulder. 

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