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Cyclist Safety

Cycling Vision Zero

Cycling Vision Zero – What Is It Cycling Vision Zero's goal is to eliminate or reduce serious crashes and fatalities among cyclists. The primary...

Current Bike Jeffco Vision Zero

Legislative Advocacy for Road Safety

Rolling Coal Law

The practice of “Rolling Coal” has been an ongoing issue for cyclists and pedestrians and creates not only an unhealthy environment for the cyclist or pedestrian, but creates a dangerous situation as the thick black smoke impedes the sight of the cyclist...

Distracted Driving Initiatives

Testimony for proposed legislation: Distracted Driving Bill (didn't pass - now getting ready for next year); However, good news on the passage of the Vulnerable Users bill.

Places To Ride

Do you really need another bike?

For the last few years graveling has been the biggest trend in cycling. In 2020 I finally succumbed and bought a used cyclocross bike so I can join...


3 Foot to Pass signs – Golden Public Works

Urging the use of the newer 3 Foot to Pass signs: We recognize Golden Public Works for their good work in locating portable 3 Foot to Pass signs at the gates at Lookout Mt and other strategic sites.

Community Action and Support

Team Evergreen Awards Grant to Bike Jeffco, Inc. !!

We're excited to announce:   Team Evergreen Cycling is the oldest and largest cycling club in Colorado, and one of Bike Jeffco Inc.’s most important partners. Team Evergreen produces the Triple Bypass, the Mount Evans Hill Climb, and the Beti Bike Bash. Team...

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