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2016 was another successful year for Bike Jeffco’s advocacy efforts. The 2.4 mile El Rancho -Genesee bikeway was (finally) opened after 12 years of our lobbying. A Jeffco Regional Bikeways Wayfinding Guide was published which will ensure that we will have standardized signage for cycling throughout the County. We continue to advocate successfully for improvements to unsafe routes and the creation missing links.

We are hoping for even greater success in 2017. We want to see more shoulders on mountain roads, better commute routes to rail lines and the development of a true bicycle network. We also plan to support the re-instated Tour of Colorado professional bike race in August.

To do this, our all volunteer organization needs your financial support. Please consider making a tax deductible donation of $25, $50 or even $100 to Bike Jeffco by clicking the DONATE button to the right of this posting.



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El Rancho – Genesee Connection Opens!

Over 100 cyclists gathered at Genesee October 21st to witness the cutting of the inner tubes to open the new 2.5 mile bikeway to El Rancho.

eropening1  eropening2

Participants then rode to the El Rancho brewery where Team Evergreen and Bike Jeffco threw a celebratory party. Each participant received a T-short marking the event. Bicycle Outfitters provided swag and Wheat Ridge Cyclery donated a large number of gift cards as raffle prizes.
A good time was had by all.

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October Events and News

The opening of the El Rancho – Genesee bikeway represents the culmination of 11, yes 11, years of advocacy by Bike Jeffco and Team Evergreen to construct a bicycle link to avoid riding on Interstate 70 between the ends of this vital link. Coming from a private industry IT background, where projects are often planned for the next 2-3 week period, a project spanning more than 10 years from idea to completion is still hard for me to comprehend. In the early days, Bike Jeffco took all the pertinent players on a tour of the site – CDOT, Jefferson County and Denver Mountain Parks. All liked our idea but no-one would step up to the plate with any funding. Our project plan gathered dust for a number of years until CDOT, reviewing its list of potential projects, blew off the dust and took another look. Doing an estimate of the cost of the project, they were able to gather sufficient resources to build the link:

  • Federal Transportation Alternative Program: $2.4 million
  • Colorado FASTER Safety: $640,000
  • Jefferson County: $120,000
  • Denver Mtn. Parks: Donation of right of way and assistance with tree removal


To these government agencies, we must give thanks. In this era of widespread government criticism, it is nice to see a healthy local government partnership such as this.


For those who didn’t read my earlier announcement about our bikeway opening event on Saturday October 15th, I’ve attached the publicity flyer.

So we can estimate the approx. number of attendees, please accept your invitation to the event at


On Saturday October 22nd, we hope to see you also at VeloSwap. More info at


With all this activity coming up, there will be no regular Bike Jeffco meeting this month.


The next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday November 1st 6:30pm at the Jeffco Government Center. The date breaks our rule of meeting on the secondTuesday of the month. Unfortunately, we were unable to move the date of the General Election from November 8th when rooms for vote counting are apparently more important than a Bike Jeffco meetingJ.


See you on the 15th. Do introduce yourself to our Board members at the event and give us your ideas for improving riding for Jeffco cyclists.


n  Dave Evans

n  Chair, Bike Jeffco

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Denver Bike Theft Locations

Denver’s CBS 4 ran a story on locations where highest number of bike thefts occur in the city of Denver. Check it out!
Many Bike Thieves Lurking In Spots Denverites Ride To Most

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A Tacky Situation: Deer Creek Canyon Road Challenges Continue

Bike Jeffco’s Facebook page received an alert from a rider early Sunday, July 3rd stating that he had encountered many thumb tacks once he turned onto Deer Creek Canyon Road. Later in the day, someone or several someones contacted 9News to report the incident. A crew was sent to the site, and the incident became a lead story for the evening newscast. You can view this 90 second newscast here:

If you were one of the riders impacted by a flat tire in this incident, please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office non-emergency line at 303-277-0211 and refer to case number 16-166-83.  Save the evidence – many took photos of the tacks in their tires.

This isn’t the first time that tacks have been strewn on Deer Creek Canyon Road. It is a very disappointing and mean spirited act that is quite frankly the kind of incident that galvanizes cyclists to band together to address the behaviors. We have spent a lot of time and almost 90 percent of our limited Bike Jeffco resources working on improving the relationship between Deer Creek Canyon residents and riders. We provide a porta-potty at Phillipsburg to give cyclists a break that isn’t on someone’s property. We provide a trash can (soon to be bear proof) for cyclists to get rid of the gel packs, etc. Like many relationships, this one will continue to require work by both parties.

The Deer Creek Canyon residents ask for a few things that REALLY would not be difficult for more cyclists using the roadway to deliver:

– when you stop on the side of the road, MOVE YOURSELF AND THE BIKE to the shoulder and don’t stand on the roadway with your bike. It’s the number one complaint that DCC drivers have.
– enjoy the beauty of the canyon road, and the tranquil silence that made you want to ride it and appreciate it from the very first….KEEP your voices down. Residents really don’t want to hear your latest tales while you shout them to your riding partners.
– USE the porta…not their yards.
– DEPOSIT the used gel packs in our trash bin at Phillipsburg…not on the roadway. Some residents picking these up report getting up to 140 of them from a weekend.

Most cyclists are very compliant with these requests. We hope that you are one of them.

This will be the one of the main topics for discussion at our 9 AUGUST meeting at 6:30 PM in the Jefferson County Courts and Admin Building, Room 1564.

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Tuesday, March 8th meeting at the Jefferson County Courts & Admin Bldg at 6:30 PM

Nothing like a little Spring like weather to get your thoughts turning towards being out on your bike….and nothing like Spring to bring on a few challenges for advocacy as well.    We hope you’ll join us for our monthly meeting.


Kenneth Brubaker, CDOT’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Designer will be our guest this month. We’ll talk about current CDOT bike related projects, such as the El Rancho – Genesee link as well as others in the works and others we’d like to see.


A very recent issue is the proposal to rezone the land at the SE corner of Alameda Parkway and Rooney Road to allow the building of a Harley Davidson dealership and the possibility of attracting other car dealerships to form an Autorow. We’ll discuss what position Bike Jeffco should take.


Finally, time permitting, we’ll ask everyone how they like to receive Bike Jeffco information in these days of many varied social media.


A full agenda. See you there!


n  Dave



Tuesday March 8th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Jefferson County Courts & Administration Building, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden,  CO 80419.  Rooms 1566/1567


Meeting Agenda


  • 6:30pm Welcome, introductions, additions/changes to the agenda, review January meeting minutes/actions
  • 6:35pm Sheriff’s Blotter – Lt. Jim Lucas
  • 6:40pm County Update – Yelena Onnen

o   McIntyre St. reconstruction/32nd Ave

o   Jefferson County Wayfinding Master Plan

  • 6:50pm Project Update

o   Heritage Road

o   US6/19th Ave/Lookout Mtn. Rd.

o   Peaks to Plains/DIA Trail

o   Squaw Pass Road signage

  • 7:00pm Special Guest – Kenneth Brubaker, CDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Designer
  • 7:30pm Events Calendar – Jan Stevenson

o   Saturday ??? – Deer Creek Canyon Cleanup

o   Saturday June 18th – Denver Century Ride rest area station

o   Wednesday June 22nd –Bike to Work Day station @ Ken Caryl/Chatfield

o   Saturday October 22nd – VeloSwap @ National Western Complex

  • 7:40pm Rooney Valley Rezoning discussion
  • 8:10pm Bike Jeffco communication options – general discussion

8:25pm Action Items

  • 8:30pm Close
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Special Guests for April 14th Meeting at the Taj

Steve Durian, new director of the County Transportation and Engineering division will attend to talk about his and the County’s latest ideas for improving bicycle transportation in the County.

Russ Chandler, of the soon to be launched Denver edition of BikeLife Cities magazine will attend to tell us about this project. Other city editions are very cool – so this promises to be a great benefit to the cycling community.


Don’t forget to sign up for the Denver Bike Century on June 20th. There are many routes for all abilities, and they are offering a 15% off registration TAX BREAK special!

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April 14th Meeting

Team Evergreen

Team Evergreen

Wheat Ridge Cyclery

Deer Creek Canyon is a much better ride these days with the installation of a porta potty at Phillipsburg which is halfway up the canyon. Bike Jeffco has to recognize a number of people and organizations for helping to make this happen:

County Commissioner Don Rosier for calling the initial meetings to identify the issues in Deer Creek Canyon.
County Commissioner Casey Tighe for help with setting up the operational agreement.
Jeffco Open Space for allowing us to set this up on public land and donating a bear proof trash receptacle.
Jeffco Transportation and Engineering Division for the design of the facility.
Jeffco Road and Bridge division for the construction of the facility.

Bike Jeffco, Team Evergreen, and Wheat Ridge Cyclery are co-sponsoring the maintenance fees of the facility. There are many riders who will benefit from this facility being in place, and many residents of Deer Creek Canyon will be happier people. Please support our sponsors with your business and your donations.

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March 10th Meeting

Many of you may be aware that CDOT is planning to add express toll lanes to the C-470 highway through Douglas County and a small section of Jefferson County east of Wadsworth Boulevard. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016.

More Information

This expansion of the freeway will have a profound effect on the enjoyment of riding the existing bikeway parallel to the widened section. Both noise and air pollution will be increased.

As part of the preparation for the project, CDOT has carried out a study to determine the noise impact of the project to residences and other places along the route – including bike trails. Mitigation (e.g. walls or berms) will be considered where the noise impact will increase by 10 decibels or the resulting noise level will exceed 66 decibels. While the full report has not yet been published, analysis maps of the noise impact on nearby residences have been made public. See meeting boards.

These show that the noise impact exceeds the mitigation threshold in a number of places and a sound wall is recommended for some locations. In the majority of the locations where a wall is recommended, the bikeway is INSIDE the wall, i.e. closer to the widened freeway. This will magnify both the increased noise and air pollution to bikeway users.

CDOT has estimated projected noise levels at ‘receptor points’ along the bikeway and at other nearby facilities but has not published them. Bike Jeffco is asking for these to be made available.

Please support Bike Jeffco’s efforts by expressing your concerns about the project and asking for the noise impact results for the bikeway be released as soon as possible. Send your email to the CDOT project director Jerome Estes before March 13th with a copy to me.

The levels of estimated increased air pollution close to the widened freeway have not yet been published.

This bikeway forms a key part of our metro wide network both for recreational and commuting riders. It is one section of the 60 mile Platte/C-470/E-470/Cherry Creek all trail loop.

In contrast to widening the C-470 freeway, the Colorado Public Interest Research group is reporting that the national driving boom is over. In particular, the millennial generation is driving less and using alternative modes such as cycling and transit much more. COPIRG’s Danny Katz will present the details of this major change at our meeting this coming Tuesday, March 10th.

In other news, Bike Jeffco is working to improve bike access to and bike storage at stations on the new Gold and North West rail lines scheduled to open in 2016 to connect Arvada, Westminster and Wheat Ridge with Denver Union station. All the new trains will have platform level access and proper storage for bicycles – avoiding the gymnastic requirements and space limitations of using the current light rail trains with a bicycle.

Lots more to talk about at our meeting:

Tuesday March 10th 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Jefferson County Government Center, Golden, Rooms 1566/1567

See you there!

n Dave Evans

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Contacting your state legislators

We are taking the tact of meeting with the state legislators about our local projects. In most instances, these individuals are not the ones that we work with to bring the projects to fruition. We work with the city and county transportation engineers and planners, and with CDOT to help push projects along. At any given time, we often have 15 different projects in the works…not because we are gluttons for punishment, but because you usually can’t get traction on a given project from start to finish in a linear way. Instead, you push a bit here, a bit there until all the planets align and we get a result. We are keeping our representatives and senators informed because transportation is another element of how they represent us. The attached files highlight our current Jefferson County elected officials at the state legislature level.

Besides, it’s great to take the opportunity to get involved. Many things are happening in our county, and YOU can have a voice in their outcome.

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