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Road and Path Maintenance

Bike Jeffco Road and Path Maintenance Activities

We regularly take a hands-on approach to improving the safety of roads, bike shoulders, and trails by performing voluntary maintenance activities on an as- needed basis in conjunction with local municipalities and organizations. This involves the following activities:

  • Shoveling, sweeping, and blowing debris off of bike paths & bike lanes
  • Clearing vegetation that extends into paths and bike lanes
  • Using a truck-mounted industrial magnet to remove metallic debris from roads to avoid flat tires
  • Marking hazards on bike paths and roads
  • Reporting hazards needing repairs to the appropriate authorities

If you encounter road hazards in Jefferson County, you can report them to the Road and Bridge department on the Jeffco website:


Each year the night before the Triple Bypass, perform a sweep of Hwy 103 to remove metallic debris using a truck-mounted magnetic bar

In the spring its often necessary to remove mud, sand and gravel that accumulate in bike paths over the winter, such as Genesee Bike Path near El Rancho

Bike Jeffco developed a trailer mounted blower rig which is used to clean Lookout Mountain Road before a race
Another service we provide is marking dangerous spots in bike paths with high visibility paint. We also report such hazards to the appropriate agency to facilitate timely repairs.