Team Evergreen Rides – Exceptionally Well Organized

Team Evergreen

I had the pleasure of joining Team Evergreen on one of their super well-organized road rides again today.   Although it was flurrying at the start, about 25 riders turned out for what promised (and resulted) to be 50-ish degree temperatures under clear skies.

I’m impressed by Team Evergreen’s exceptional organization.   To begin with, the entire 2011 ride calendar is published already – you can see it here:   Team Evergreen 2011 Road Rides.     (They also have a mountain bike ride schedule:   Team Evergreen 2011 Mountain Bike Schedule)

Team Evergreen Road Ride Descriptions & Maps

In the image below you can see a sample of the incredible wealth of information Team Evergreen has prepared for each of their road rides:

Team Evergreen Road Ride ExampleWhat a wealth of information!

  • Where and when the ride starts and finishes, and where is lunch?
  • What is the route? (in map, description and even downloadable GPS format)
  • What are the times (starting and lunch)
  • What to expect in terms of difficulty
  • The requirements to ride with the club.  (a helmet)
  • Ride leader contact information in case you need additional info.

With a large group of riders, it’s natural that there will be a wide range of speeds.   Kudos to Team Evergreen for formally introducing the concept of a leader and co-leader on all their rides this year, allowing them to easily split the group into “fast” and “if only I had a lighter bike” without causing one group to wait too long, or stressing the other about slowing the ride down.    It’s a wonderful system, one I’ve seen work well in other clubs in the past, and a big step forward in making Team Evergreen rides comfortable for a broader set of riders.   (no pun intended – but I am dedicated to losing this winter paunch and joining the jet set soon)

Although not everybody can climb at the same speed, the opportunity to socialize with other riders is not lost – each ride ends with a lunch where the events of the day and other wide ranging conversations happen.  (and maybe even a little business networking)

Team Evergreen Website:

For more information about Team Evergreen, visit their very informative website:   Team Evergreen

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