Places To Ride

Safe/low stress routes with great signage
Expanding cycling as recreation, transportation

Jefferson County Low Stress Routes Project

A project that is designed to develop routes through out Jefferson County that would give the cycles a relatively stressless way to cycle the county. Goals: For the people that feel that it is too dangerous to ride bikes on the street the ability to experience routes...

Do you really need another bike?

For the last few years graveling has been the biggest trend in cycling. In 2020 I finally succumbed and bought a used cyclocross bike so I can join in the gravel biking craze. Am I glad I did? Absolutely yes! It's fun! Riding dirt trails makes you feel like a kid...

Golden Gate Canyon Ride Review

Map of Ride The ride review is on hold while safety considerations are being made. Glen lives in the Golden Gate Canyon area and has some concerns with safety for bicyclists and motorists He is interested in advocating for some safety improvements...

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