The C-470 Bikeway is in Great Shape!

Have you ridden the C-470 Bikeway since repairs were completed?

C-470 Bikeway

Carol and I rode the C-470 Bikeway as part of an early season loop ride today.   We were both thrilled that the recently completed repairs have made this a very smooth and enjoyable trail to ride.

Gone are the broken slabs and tar snakes which tended to make this ride a bit scary on some parts.    It’s now just what one would hope from a trail:   An easy, smooth ride that allows you to concentrate on enjoying the ride rather than the condition of the trail.

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First Ride of the Season

Although breezy, the 50+ degree temps today were perfect for a little ride around part of the Lariat Loop this afternoon.   I wasn’t the only one who had this idea – I bet I saw over fifty riders up on Lookout Mountain today.   I swung by Buffalo Bills Grave, rode Colorow Road past the Lookout Mountain Nature Center and Boettcher Mansion, and stopped for a drink of water at the Buffalo Herd Overlook at Genessee Park.

It wasn’t a long ride – maybe 15 miles, with a few hills to wake up the legs.  I was in the mood after getting my bike tuned up at Wheat Ridge Cyclery this week.   Those guys do great work, and I love looking around their huge selection of gear and clothing.

How about you – have you gotten out to ride yet this season?    Where do you like to get your bike worked on?

Bike Jeffco is on the Inside Track of the Quiznos Pro Challenge

Quiznos Pro Challenge – a Golden Opportunity

Quizno's Pro Challenge


Bike Jeffco is all abuzz over the selection of Golden as the host city for the final leg of the Quiznos Pro Challenge!   Not only is it great exposure for the superb riding here in Jefferson County and wonderful news for the local economy, it will be a ton of fun!

Bike Jeffco Volunteers are busy preparing for the Quiznos Pro Challenge

With 185 days until the start of the tour, the event organizers and Bike Jeffco are hard at work preparing.   Bike Jeffco has organized over 25 volunteers, and will be active participants in the success of this exciting event.    Volunteer positions are still available – click here to sign up, and be sure to comment below to let us know you’ve signed up as part of the Bike Jeffco team.

Quiznos Pro Challenge – can you feel the excitement?

January 11th, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Bike Jeffco Meeting Minutes:  January 11, 2011Meeting Image

Location: Buffalo Dining Room, Jefferson County Administration Building, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO

Attendees: Will Kerns, Jan Stevenson, Dave Evans, Eileen McGinnity, Mike Raber, Kelly Garrod, Mike Prange, Kevin French, Norton Ewart, Ted Hyde, Scott Christopher

Agenda Discussed:

1. Sheriff’s Blotter Update

2. Guest Speaker:  Kevin French, Director, County Division of Transportation & Engineering

3. Project Updates

4. Upcoming Bike Jeffco Meetings

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