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The opening of the El Rancho – Genesee bikeway represents the culmination of 11, yes 11, years of advocacy by Bike Jeffco and Team Evergreen to construct a bicycle link to avoid riding on Interstate 70 between the ends of this vital link. Coming from a private industry IT background, where projects are often planned for the next 2-3 week period, a project spanning more than 10 years from idea to completion is still hard for me to comprehend. In the early days, Bike Jeffco took all the pertinent players on a tour of the site – CDOT, Jefferson County and Denver Mountain Parks. All liked our idea but no-one would step up to the plate with any funding. Our project plan gathered dust for a number of years until CDOT, reviewing its list of potential projects, blew off the dust and took another look. Doing an estimate of the cost of the project, they were able to gather sufficient resources to build the link:

  • Federal Transportation Alternative Program: $2.4 million
  • Colorado FASTER Safety: $640,000
  • Jefferson County: $120,000
  • Denver Mtn. Parks: Donation of right of way and assistance with tree removal


To these government agencies, we must give thanks. In this era of widespread government criticism, it is nice to see a healthy local government partnership such as this.


For those who didn’t read my earlier announcement about our bikeway opening event on Saturday October 15th, I’ve attached the publicity flyer.

So we can estimate the approx. number of attendees, please accept your invitation to the event at



On Saturday October 22nd, we hope to see you also at VeloSwap. More info at http://veloswap.competitor.com/.


With all this activity coming up, there will be no regular Bike Jeffco meeting this month.


The next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday November 1st 6:30pm at the Jeffco Government Center. The date breaks our rule of meeting on the secondTuesday of the month. Unfortunately, we were unable to move the date of the General Election from November 8th when rooms for vote counting are apparently more important than a Bike Jeffco meetingJ.


See you on the 15th. Do introduce yourself to our Board members at the event and give us your ideas for improving riding for Jeffco cyclists.


n  Dave Evans

n  Chair, Bike Jeffco

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