Bike Jeffco Board Meeting Minutes

Lakewood Library

Date/Time: Thursday, March 22, 2018

9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Mike Raber, Jan Stevenson, Charlie Myers, Steve Roe, Dick Stoll

Special Guest:


The meeting was primarily to review current activities and action items – See Attachment A.


  1. Charlie will make changes to recent board and general meeting minutes. changes
  1. Charlie will put a card together to solicit donations
  1. Dave’s celebration of life photos will be put in the drop box. One will be used for a poster.
  1. Pip Van Hoeven asked us to participate in an April 5 event at the State Capitol for the SB 18-144 Idaho stop. They want a speaker from Bike Jeffco; Mike can do this. Bill is going to Transportation and Energy Committee.
  1. Meeting with Pete Piccolo is Thursday Mar. 29 at 10:00 at Panera on Market and 16th. Projects we can work with BC on include: Idaho stop: line item in county budget for transportation projects including bikeways; how has BC been approaching funding; relationship with RTD because that ties to commuting; connectivity between cities; including consistent wayfinding; signage – 3 foot to pass, cyclists can use full lane; how to influence bike shoulders, bike arteries, funding for recreational road improvements; public safety programs – informational spots on cycling safety. Brian Weiss and Brad Tucker are attorneys that support BC. We should mention we work with them. We want to get more recognition of our accomplishments
  1. Facebook ideas- best rides/routes and pictures to get folks excited. There was a discussion about groups and who can post and security measures.
  1. Website – we need to write the content for uploading. Still need to talk to Vincent Davis about updates and stuff he said he’d do for us.
  1. Charlie’s email blasts – keep doing on gmail. May not need the mail gun software.
  1. Speakers for next meeting. Megan Hotman is ready to talk, as is Lee Cryer with RTD. Dave Edwards has been approached by Mike Raber regarding Primal’s outreach. Also another update from People for Bikes. Try to get Lee for April’s meeting. Dave Edwards will be second choice and Megan third. Also the Jeffco open space person could speak on ebikes on trails pilot program, possibly in July.
  1. The bike maintenance clinic at Belmar library is set for Thursday May 31, 5:30 to 7:00.
  1. Steve Glueck should be contacted about people riding the wrong way on bike lanes on 19th heading to Lookout Mountain.
  1. A booth for the E-rock Colorado Bike Expo is costly and difficult to staff. Steve can hand out brochures for Bike Jeffco from the Pedaling4Parkinsons booth. We need to develop a Bike Jeffco card or brochure.
  1. The next event will be the G line opening in Arvada.
  1. We should talk to Scott Brink of Wheat Ridge about a transition on Ridge Road. It could be a great commuting route.

Attachment A – Action Items

Action Item


Need Date

1 Call Vincent and update Facebook and Website – include 2017 accomplishments, coal rolling, tribute to Dave, Golden routes Jan/Dick
2 Prepare for May 31bike maintenance class in May with Gil, Gary Hardy and Jennifer Kim. Mike
3 Meet with Pattie and try to get Dave’s password book and get entry into the new computer which has BJ files Dick/Mike
4 Provide content for Facebook/Website regarding a Tribute to Dave and good bike touring or commuting routes. Charlie
5 Request funds from Team Evergreen and Wheat Ridge for past and future porta-potty and trash expenses. Jan
6 Come up with a list of left turns or red lights that won’t change for a bike only All
7 Transfer Dave’s google drive documents to Jan and delete Dave as a user Jan
8 Contact Steve Glueck should be about people riding the wrong way on bike lanes on 19th heading to Lookout Mountain Charlie
9 Develop brochures up for ERock bike expo, June 3 Charlie
10 talk to Scott Bring of Wheat Ridge about a transition on Ridge Road Charlie
11 Line up guest speakers for April, May and June meetings Charlie/Mike
12 Put together card to solicit donations Charlie


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