January 11th, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Bike Jeffco Meeting Minutes:  January 11, 2011Meeting Image

Location: Buffalo Dining Room, Jefferson County Administration Building, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO

Attendees: Will Kerns, Jan Stevenson, Dave Evans, Eileen McGinnity, Mike Raber, Kelly Garrod, Mike Prange, Kevin French, Norton Ewart, Ted Hyde, Scott Christopher

Agenda Discussed:

1. Sheriff’s Blotter Update

2. Guest Speaker:  Kevin French, Director, County Division of Transportation & Engineering

3. Project Updates

4. Upcoming Bike Jeffco Meetings


¨    Dave will pursue Goldco funds discussion for El Rancho-Genessee

¨    Jan follow up with Dan Dwyer re:  Quiznos Pro Challenge

¨    Mike Prange will clarify the legality of U-turn across a double yellow

¨    Jan will follow up with Bob Bettinger on CDOT walkthrough scheduled

¨    Jan will send Norton Ewart information on our website parameters

¨    Norton will bring in website development proposal next meeting

Sheriff’s Blotter –  Mike Prange

  • Feedback on Deer Creek Challenge was positive (3000 rider cap remains)
  • Triple ByPass – approved, although only small segment in Jefferson County
  • Plans for 2011:  education continues
    • Cyclist was hit at Phillipsburg
    • Shift deputies are deployed during peak riding time.  Like motor vehicle traffic issues, deployment is based upon feedback
    • Signs in DCC for riding are advisory, not enforceable
  • Deputies on bikes well received by bicyclists.  Motorists also pulled over and thanked the deputies for doing this work.
    • Mike Raber brought in Helmet Cam (HD) to share information
    • Uses polarizing filter to reduce glare from windshield
    • Mike R recommends use of helmet cam for deputies
    • $230 @ REI – Contour HD – is model that Mike R uses
  • Deer Creek Challenge – it’s a tour, not a race
    • Roads for residents still open; driving not encouraged
    • Bikes will abide by traffic laws; tickets for running stop signs are given.
  • Discussion of ability of cyclists to report abusive behavior (buzzing, etc.) to sheriff’s office.  Deputies will then go and talk with the individual about behavior without a formal call to CSP.
  • Sheriff’s Office has not yet been contacted RE:  Quiznos Pro Challenge – possibly as the route has not yet been finalized.

GUEST SPEAKER:  Kevin French

  • Director, County Division of Transportation & Engineering
  • Quick review and discussion of major areas of focus for Division of Transportation and Engineering of concern to cyclists
    • 2011 Projects

§  Kipling Parkway and Quincy Avenue:  turn lanes, grade for pedestrian and bicycles

§  Wadsworth / Bowles – adding Southbound lane, pedestrian overpass

§  Chatfield Ave / Garrison – lanes are at 11 ft width – will provide 4 lane template, bikes can go right and motorists can get around them

§  Continued work on Bike/Ped Plan

  • Will identify upfront a template that fits existing routes
  • Ideally connect bike routes
  • Most of roadways, templates were built 20 years ago
  • Late Spring for a draft plan

§  Updating Major Thoroughfare Plan

  • Differences between collector route (shoulders built in), and minor arterials, etc. discussed
  • Traffic Safety Projects – connect sidewalks

o   Sidewalk connections program for transit riders; 30 to 50 locations where bus stops need additional sidewalk

    • 2012 – 2015:

§  Money set aside to improve Golden Road

  • Getting consistent sidewalks

§  Jeffco 73 – Brookforest to Thimbleberry, switchbacks to N Turkey Creek, and Yellow Barn to 285

§  Quincy Avenue – Simms to Kipling

    • TIP Project Selection

§  Number of bike/ped projects were successful

§  Referenced MetroVision, and that DRCOG is focusing on transit station and urban center – models that aren’t as applicable to a largely unincorporated Jefferson County

    • Questions re:  Bike/Ped plan

§  Are we developing criteria for priorities?

§  Golden got money for bus circulator system

§  Will look at road overlay plans to see if Jefferson County can pave shoulders on roads due for overlay

§  Questioned use of sharrows on Kipling.  French’s thoughts are that maintenance of pavement markings is difficult; wants to know that use of sharrows works.

Project Updates:

SH93:  Resurfacing and Expansion

  • CDOT meeting discussed expanding shoulders from 58th to 128th on Hwy 93 with 4 to 8 foot shoulders
  • Gray water collection areas are some of the restrictions on shoulder width
  • Section from 72nd – construction in April 2011

Quiznos Pro Challenge

  • Volunteer website is now open and contains descriptors of the roles available.
  • Sign up early for best selection of volunteer roles – and you can sign up by city and by stage.

Clear Creek County Projects

  • Mike Raber indicated that there was priority to meet with the new commissioner.

El Rancho – Genesee Project

  • Score was too low for DRCOG funding, so need to find another funding source.
  • FASTER funding is available in July 2012, but will need matching funds
  • Discussed possible funding alternatives; Dave E will pursue discussion of Goldco funds
  • Department of Local Affairs – Minerals tax has been used to build trails in other areas

Deer Creek Canyon –Proposed Improvements: Phones, Parking

  • Eileen McGinnity reported that there will be installation of the six phones by end of January.  Phone locations are:  Inter-Canyon FD Station 1, Inter-Canyon FD Station 2, Deer Creek Canyon & South Deer Creek Road, Pleasant Park Grange, and Pleasant Park Rd & South Kuehster Road, and Inter-Canyon FD 4.
  • French reminded us to make sure that the signs that are to be placed are going to meet the specifications for placement; Eileen and Lt Prange provided information on contacts  within the Jefferson County Emergency Communications Authority (JCECA), the agency funding and managing the installation.
  • .
  • Parking changes proposed with 76 spaces.
  • Discussion around legality of U-turn across a double yellow line.  Mike Prange will update group next month.

Mountain Roads Master Plan Group:  Meeting in two weeks (January 25th)

Colorado Bike Summit:  Scott Christopher

  • Bicycle Colorado is hosting the inaugural Colorado Bike Summit on February 7/8th.  Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning.
  • Program is outlined on Bicycle Colorado website – looks great!
  • Speakers coming from across the US
  • Breakout sessions will be available on several topics.
  • Registration currently open – can get a $10 discount for being a Bicycle Colorado member
  • Bike Jeffco agreed to subsidize two members.

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