Cycling Vision Zero – What Is It

Cycling Vision Zero’s goal is to eliminate or reduce serious crashes and fatalities among cyclists. The primary problem with cycling is the risk of crashes and the vulnerability of cyclists using the roads, paths and trails. Because of our concern over the number of serious injuries, including fatalities, it’s become even more clear that safety should be the thread that’s woven through everything we do with advocacy.

We’ve had tough losses in the cycling community that have driven home the need for a greater focus on safety, and the need to advocate for safer conditions, enforcement of the laws already on the books, stepping up as individuals and organizations to help the County, municipalities, and surrounding regions create a safer space in a multi-modal approach.

The first step of our Cycling Vision Zero initiative was completed in June, 2021 with the workshop facilitated by Bicycle Colorado. Now we want to push for implementation of two key initiatives:

Implement Cycling Vision Zero Initiatives

Goal 1: Consistent, Effective Bicycle-Friendly Signage Replace Share The Road Signage

Prioritize routes for signage replacement

Develop educational materials to explain signage

This will provide more awareness of State Law and cyclists’ rights. For example, State Law 3 Feet Minimum signage should replace Share The Road signs. We already have accomplished this on Belleview Avenue, west of Quincy, with five new signs installed by the County. Our goal is statewide adoption of those signs.

Goal 2: Education About Bike/Ped Safety Issues Bike/Ped Safety Month

Develop educational material for distribution

The goal is to raise awareness of both drivers and cyclists, and promote respectful behavior. This will be accomplished by communications in monthly meetings, our

website, social media, and events such as Veloswap, Bike to Work Day (Winter and Summer!), and other more community or regionally based events. Volunteer opportunities will be plentiful.

In mid-2022, we will have an entire Bike/Ped safety month that runs concurrent to the Bike/Ped Safety Month that is statewide. This is a great opportunity to educate road users on safety topics including the proposed statewide adoption of Safety Stop legislation, where cyclists can legally treat stoplights as stop signs, and stop signs as yield signs.

To increase our ability to implement our initiatives, we’re inviting and involving community members as integral members of the team. These are big ticket items in terms of time and energy, yet they have tremendous community appeal. People are willing to help make these ideas succeed. We are seeking volunteers on key initiatives including:

Bike/Ped Safety Month

Development of low stress routes

Humanizing cyclists – see cyclists as people of all kinds

Safe cycling behaviors

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