Making Cycling Safer in Jefferson County

Bike Jeffco continually strives to take action to improve bicycling infrastructure and laws to make cycling safer in Jefferson County and Colorado.

Influencing city, county, and state government, working with multiple local and state agencies and working in concert with Bicycle Colorado, the Colorado State advocacy organization, Bike Jeffco has been effective in making a difference.

Many of the improvements in local roadways that now accommodate cyclists better and more safely and laws that have been passed to help protect cyclists are the direct result of Bike Jeffco’s untiring efforts over the years and will continue, with your help.

Ride Reviews

Bike Jeffco conducts ride reviews of certain bicycling areas of interest which have proven to be effective in identifying road hazards and road infrastructure facilities that need improvement.
Ride reviews are conducted by Bike Jeffco and cyclists such as yourself, and often city, county or state representatives accompany the cyclists so they can see first hand any issues on the route or at intersections that need improvement.
What often can occur is that a roadway or intersection that appears acceptable to a planner may appear much different to a cyclist who actually uses the route. By conducting a ride review, often Bike Jeffco can influence the city, country or state to make corrections that will result in making the route or intersection much safer.
Ride Reviews Conducted by Bike Jeffco:

Public Testimony and Consultation with Governmental Entities

Bike Jeffco representatives are often requested to provide testimony on policy drafts at city council meetings, county commissioner meetings and at the Capitol regarding proposed infrastructure planning and laws.

Recent Legislation that Bike Jeffco has influenced:

The Colorado Safety Stop legislation provides a template for counties and municipalities to adopt if they so chose that will allow cyclists to roll through a roadway with a stop sign if the intersection is clear and safe to do so. This policy is commonly referred to as the Idaho Stop and it has been a law in Idaho since 1982. A study in Idaho has shown this practice reduced crashes from 30% to 60%.

The practice of “Rolling Coal” has been an ongoing issue for cyclists and pedestrians and creates not only an unhealthy environment for the cyclist or pedestrian, but creates a dangerous situation as the thick black smoke impedes the sight of the cyclist or pedestrian. With the help of testimony from members of Bike Jeffco, in 2017 a bill was passed to make coal rolling a Class A Violation. Although this practice is not illegal, it still occurs occasionally. If you witness this occurring, we urge you to immediately report it by calling the Colorado State Patrol at *277.

Current Projects and Priorities include the following:

Jefferson County

  • North Jeffco Commuter Routes
  • Golden Gate Canyon Shoulders
  • C-470 – Indiana Link
  • Walmart link @ Bowles
  • 32nd Avenue road diet/shoulders
  • McIntyre Street shoulders
  • Deer Creek Canyon shoulders completion
  • Golden Gate Canyon shoulders
  • CR73 Conifer – Evergreen shoulder completion
  • 80th Ave/Simms – Kipling
  • CR93 Morrison – I-70

Clear Creek County

  • Squaw Pass Road rebuild
  • Idaho Springs “Trail to Nowhere”
  • Alvarado Road: Georgetown – Dumont


  • C-470 Repair/Replacement
  • El Rancho – Genesee Bicycle Route
  • SH93 Golden – Boulder
  • Indiana/80th – 86th
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