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Cyclist Safety

Cycling Vision Zero

Cycling Vision Zero – What Is It Cycling Vision Zero's goal is to eliminate or reduce serious crashes and fatalities among cyclists. The primary problem with cycling is the risk of crashes and the vulnerability of cyclists using the roads, paths and trails. Because of...

Legislation Support to Improve Cyclist/Motorist Safety

Rolling Coal Law

The practice of “Rolling Coal” has been an ongoing issue for cyclists and pedestrians and creates not only an unhealthy environment for the cyclist or pedestrian, but creates a dangerous situation as the thick black smoke impedes the sight of the cyclist...

Distracted Driving Initiatives

Testimony for proposed legislation: Distracted Driving Bill (didn't pass - now getting ready for next year); However, good news on the passage of the Vulnerable Users bill.

E-Bike Policy

Report on Summit County Rec Path  - July 17, 2019 by Jenny and Stan Sunderwirth Jenny and I rode a good portion of the Summit County Rec Path yesterday.  It was the first time we have ridden it since they allowed class 1 e-bikes.  It was a Wednesday but it was the...

Colorado Safety Stop

The Colorado Safety Stop legislation provides a template for counties and municipalities to adopt if they so chose that will allow cyclists to roll through a roadway with a stop sign if the intersection is clear and safe to do so. This policy is commonly referred to...

Ride Reviews: Making Routes Safer

Jefferson County Low Stress Routes Project

A project that is designed to develop routes through out Jefferson County that would give the cycles a relatively stressless way to cycle the county. Goals: For the people that feel that it is too dangerous to ride bikes on the street the ability to experience routes...

Do you really need another bike?

For the last few years graveling has been the biggest trend in cycling. In 2020 I finally succumbed and bought a used cyclocross bike so I can join in the gravel biking craze. Am I glad I did? Absolutely yes! It's fun! Riding dirt trails makes you feel like a kid...

Golden Gate Canyon Ride Review

Map of Ride The ride review is on hold while safety considerations are being made. Glen lives in the Golden Gate Canyon area and has some concerns with safety for bicyclists and motorists He is interested in advocating for some safety improvements...


3 Foot to Pass signs – Golden Public Works

Urging the use of the newer 3 Foot to Pass signs: We recognize Golden Public Works for their good work in locating portable 3 Foot to Pass signs at the gates at Lookout Mt and other strategic sites.

Community Interaction and Support

Team Evergreen Awards Grant to Bike Jeffco, Inc. !!

We're excited to announce:   Team Evergreen Cycling is the oldest and largest cycling club in Colorado, and one of Bike Jeffco Inc.’s most important partners. Team Evergreen produces the Triple Bypass, the Mount Evans Hill Climb, and the Beti Bike Bash. Team...

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WaterStop Denver Century
Denver Century
Water Stop
genessee elrancho bikeway 2
Genesee El Rancho Bikeway Cleanup
Bike to work day
Bike To Work Day
Bike Rack on Light Rail
Inspecting New Light Rail Bike Rack
Light-rail-opening two rows
RTD West Line Opening Day

.Bike Jeffco joined with Wheat Ridge Active Transportation Team on a Ride Event.

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