Rolling Coal Law

The practice of “Rolling Coal” has been an ongoing issue for cyclists and pedestrians and creates not only an unhealthy environment for the cyclist or pedestrian, but creates a dangerous situation as the thick black smoke impedes the sight of the cyclist...

Distracted Driving Initiatives

Testimony for proposed legislation: Distracted Driving Bill (didn’t pass – now getting ready for next year); However, good news on the passage of the Vulnerable Users bill.

E-Bike Policy

Report on Summit County Rec Path  – July 17, 2019 by Jenny and Stan Sunderwirth Jenny and I rode a good portion of the Summit County Rec Path yesterday.  It was the first time we have ridden it since they allowed class 1 e-bikes.  It was a Wednesday but it was...

Colorado Safety Stop

The Colorado Safety Stop legislation provides a template for counties and municipalities to adopt if they so chose that will allow cyclists to roll through a roadway with a stop sign if the intersection is clear and safe to do so. This policy is commonly referred to...
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