2011 Cycling Events in Jefferson County

Cycling Events in Jefferson County

Photo courtesy Deer Creek Challenge

The following is a partial list of organized cycling events in Jefferson County during 2011:

Do you know of other cycling events in Jefferson County?

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Bike Jeffco is on the Inside Track of the Quiznos Pro Challenge

Quiznos Pro Challenge – a Golden Opportunity

Quizno's Pro Challenge


Bike Jeffco is all abuzz over the selection of Golden as the host city for the final leg of the Quiznos Pro Challenge!   Not only is it great exposure for the superb riding here in Jefferson County and wonderful news for the local economy, it will be a ton of fun!

Bike Jeffco Volunteers are busy preparing for the Quiznos Pro Challenge

With 185 days until the start of the tour, the event organizers and Bike Jeffco are hard at work preparing.   Bike Jeffco has organized over 25 volunteers, and will be active participants in the success of this exciting event.    Volunteer positions are still available – click here to sign up, and be sure to comment below to let us know you’ve signed up as part of the Bike Jeffco team.

Quiznos Pro Challenge – can you feel the excitement?