The C-470 Bikeway is in Great Shape!

Have you ridden the C-470 Bikeway since repairs were completed?

C-470 Bikeway

Carol and I rode the C-470 Bikeway as part of an early season loop ride today.   We were both thrilled that the recently completed repairs have made this a very smooth and enjoyable trail to ride.

Gone are the broken slabs and tar snakes which tended to make this ride a bit scary on some parts.    It’s now just what one would hope from a trail:   An easy, smooth ride that allows you to concentrate on enjoying the ride rather than the condition of the trail.

The Bike Jeffco and CDOT C-470 Bikeway partnership

Over the years Bike Jeffco and CDOT have worked closely together to ensure a trail that best meets the needs of cyclists and pedestrians along this corridor, which connects such desirable destinations as Morrison, Bear Lake State Park and Chatfield Reservoir and features wonderful foothills views.

Most recently,  Bike Jeffco was active in helping CDOT to prioritize repair work to bring the trail up to it’s current level of excellence.

Have you ridden the C-470 Bikeway recently?

Have you ridden the C-470 Bikeway?   What did you think?   Is it part of your normal recreational or commuting circuit?    What would you like to see happen to the C-470 Bikeway next?

Our C-470 Bikeway Loop:

C-470 Bikeway – Mary Carter Greenway – Bear Creek Trail Loop

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The C-470 Bikeway – the result of a successful partnership between Bike Jeffco and CDOT.

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