Bike Jeffco Meeting Minutes: October 8, 2019

Jefferson County Administration Building

100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO


Attendees: Charlie Myers, Mike Raber, Steve Roe, Jan Stevenson, Jenny Sunderwirth, Stan Sunderworth, Dave Hammond, Yelena Onnen, Peter McNutt, Betsy Jacobsen, Christopher Satriano, Gary Petersen, Greg Reese, Melodie Clayton, John Beltrone, Shannon Simpson, Diane Short.

Guest Speakers: Betsy Jacobsen, CDOT; John Beltrone, City of Edgewater.




Attendees introduced themselves.

The Board expressed a special welcome to Melody Clayton who is Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering’s new Associate Transportation Engineer.


Safety Talk – Jan Stevenson on Helmets

This topic was elevated by a bike crash where a friend was knocked out. There is a five-year limit on life of any helmet because the foam deteriorates. Many new helmets incorporate a multi directional impact system (MIPS). Bontrager has an improved foam system called Wavecell, Good helmets start in the $50 to 75 range. Jan had purchased a Morpher folding helmet, but it is not recommended by Consumer Reports (CR). CR’s top recommended helmets included Scott Arx Plus, Cannondale CAAD MIPS, and Giro Register MIPS.


Bicycle Colorado Summit, October 7-
Charlie Myers and Mike Raber

Rebecca Rauch, an ultra-endurance cyclist, was the keynote speaker, and delivered a very motivational speech. She runs Be Good foundation, which leverages other organizations into doing great things. She emphasized women’s involvement in sports and pro cycling. The keys to her success are a very high pain threshold as well as being able to stay awake for days.

The summit also provided good guidance on bicycle advocacy.


Dave Evans Memorial Bench Dedication

Charlie Myers

The event is October 9 at 10:30 at the Beaver Brook Trailhead on the El Rancho/Genesee Bikeway, which Dave Evans pushed through to completion. The Bench was installed by Denver Mountain Parks. Pattie Evans, Dave’s widow and Ruth Evans, Dave’s sister will be at the event. A plaque will be mounted in memorial to Dave. A lunch at El Rancho will follow the ceremony.




Red Rocks Ride

Charlie Myers

On August 29, Bike Jeffco sponsored a ride of the new climbing lane on northbound 93 from Morrison to the entrance to Red Rock Park across from Dinosaur Ridge. Coming through Red Rocks Park they noticed a lot of overgrowth of vegetation blocking the sight of a stop sign. Charlie Called the problem into Denver Mountain Parks and later that week the problem was effectively addressed. Also suggested was sharrows or directional arrows in the Hwy 93 climbing lane to discourage cyclists from traveling the wrong way in the climbing lane. Yelena agreed that Jeffco could get some signage on the road for three foot to pass and cyclists may take full lane.


Phillipsburg Rest Station –
Charlie Myers

Previous meetings have discussed vandalism, theft, and unauthorized relocation of the Portalet. Now both Bike Jeffco and Team Evergreen have decided to discontinue sponsorship of the Portalet beyond October 2019. Meetings with Jeffco Open Space have not resulted in an agreement that is acceptable to continue our previous role. Sponsoring a Portolet is not the kind of advocacy we want to do, but we do want to support the community and are concerned that tensions between cyclists and residents may escalate when the Portalet is gone.


A meeting between Bike Jeffco, Commissioner Dahlkemper, and Sampson Community residents will be held later in October to see if there is potential for Jeffco to continue having a Portalet, possibly in another place close by. Our position is that a previous Commissioner asked us to get involved, and we agreed to facilitate it. Now the residents are concerned. Our recommendation is to have Jeffco Open Space put something in to replace this facility.


Grant application to Team Evergreen – Steve Roe

Bike Jeffco and Team Evergreen have worked together in the past not only on the Phillipsburg Rest Station but Triple-Bypass Road Support, road and path cleaning, and advocacy in general. Team Evergreen has a large amount of funds that they donate to organizations that support their mission. They encouraged us to submit a proposal for a donation for Bicycle Advocacy and Ride Reviews. We submitted an on-line proposal on October 7, as well as a six-page supplemental proposal. Team Evergreen is to announce successful recipients on October 27 at their end of year party.


Willow Springs Road Bike Lanes – Charlie Myers

Jeffco Roads and Bridges recently completed repaving Willow Springs Road between Hwy 8 near the Fort Restaurant and Red Rocks Country Club. As part of the repaving effort, the road was widened, and safety shoulders were added making the road much more bicycle-friendly. Randie Polidori wants to host a ride and get together at her house on October 22 or 23.


Veloswap – Charlie Myers

Veloswap is November 2 and we will have a
booth. Let Charlie know if you can participate.


Guest Speaker – Betsy Jacobsen, CDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

For 15 years, Betsy has managed the bicycle and pedestrian (bike/ped) planning program for CDOT. Refer to her presentation “Building a Bicycle Friendly Colorado.” She is no longer the only one in the bike/ped group, now they have two engineers and two planners bringing the group to five. Nine years ago, a bike/ped policy was first drafted; now in 2019, it’s mandatory to include bike/ped facilities in every new project unless a waiver is signed. CDOT is taking a wholistic approach and has added a new chapter in their roadway design guide now on how to create bike/ped facilities.

CDOT needs to establish standard cross sections on for their road design standards that accommodate all modes of transportation. This will take a year or so before they can be incorporated in. CDOT is also initiating facility design courses that are for engineers, planners and advocates. The classes currently have one day for bike and another for ped but will be revised to modules. There is a course scheduled for late October/early November.


Safe Routes to School is a Federally funded program in which Colorado was the first to use. Now $2.5 million is available for education and infrastructure. The next call for projects is soon.


CDOT partners with the Colorado State Patrol. Statewide bike maps, a bicycling manual, and other outreach materials are currently being updated. CDOTs update of bike/ped plan will be rolled into the 2045 statewide transportation plan. Her group has gathered tons of information thru meetings, interactive maps, etc. They use long-term in-place counters specific to bikes. They also use Strava data to determine heavily used cycling routes and high-demand corridors. Connections, safety issues, and crash data are overlapped to support statewide planning efforts.


Colorado Downtown Streets is another publication that talks about the planning process. It has many examples of bike/ped infrastructure used in various towns in Colorado.


Guest Speaker – John Beltrone, City of Edgewater Transportation Plan

John is city councilman and has worked with Bike Jeffco on the NREL bypass completed last year. In Edgewater, a lot of planning going on including a mobility plan. Funds from retail marijuana is available for street modernization and better mobility for motor vehicles and bike/ped. Edgewater has used consultants and public meetings.


Traffic calming (slowing) is a big concern. Traffic circles and yield signs may be better than stop signs, but people need to get used to them. The Civic Center at 20th St and Harlan is a key area for improvement. There is a new plan for 25th St, which will be a one way westbound. Also, a protected bikeway on 26th St near Kendall. They did a traffic calming test using a temporary roundabout. Safe Routes to School is also being considered.


Sheridan is a state highway, so they must interface with CDOT, Jeffco and Denver to get a plan. The primary goal is to make a safer crosswalk at Sheridan and get to Sloan’s Lake.


Networking with Bike Shops- Diane Short

Diane wants to get advocacy groups, bike clubs and bike shops to form a coalition to promote education, communication and safety. Bike shops can promote courtesy and how cyclists interact. This will be a topic for further discussion. Two members Bike Blue (Christopher Satriano and Gary Petersen) were at the meeting, and they can play a key role in this initiative.


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