Bike Jeffco Meeting Minutes: November 12, 2019

Jefferson County Administration Building

100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO


Attendees: Charlie Myers, Mike Raber, Steve Roe, Jan Stevenson, Yelena Onnen, Pete Gotseff, Peter McNutt, Jim Lucas, Bob Moore, Bob Bettinger, Dick Stoll.


Special Guest: Bob Taylor, Ride Chairman for Team Evergreen Cycling

Recognition and Announcements

1.     In late October, Team Evergreen (TE) provided a generous $3,000 donation to Bike Jeffco for our ongoing bicycle advocacy efforts. Bob Taylor of the TE Board was present to discuss their giving program and receive thanks from Bike Jeffco. Steve Roe and Bob Taylor discussed how the two organizations have worked together recently and how amazing TE is to raise and distribute so much money to organizations including Bicycle Colorado, high school mountain biking, various charities, 501-0C3s, etc. in Jeffco, Clear Creek, and Summit Counties.


Bike Jeffco’s appreciation for Team evergreen’s support and recent opportunities for collaboration was expressed with Charlie shaking hands with Bob Taylor from Team Evergreen. Other Bike Jeffco members present are Peter McNutt, Bob Bettinger and Steve Roe. Other Bike Jeffco members not making it into the frame of this photo are Mike Raber and Jan Stevenson.


2.    VeloSwap, November 2 – We manned a booth and had many visitors. Need new tee shirts and swag. Charlie got lots of comments on coal rolling tee shirts. We collected names and e-mail addresses of interested people; most were legible. We discussed possible electronic means together contact info.


3.    Phillipsburg Rest Station – The portalet was moved again, but only about 10 feet and the source of that action is unknown. BJ reps met with Jeffco Open Space (JCOS) and County Commissioner Lesley Dahlkemper as BJ had reached an impasse with JCOS’s requirements contained in a proposed license renewal for the portolet. JCOS have made it clear that they would like to have the portolet removed from the current site. To that end, JCOS identified the nearby fire house as a possible new location for the portolet. BJ and TE Executive Director all felt this was a dangerous location for a rest station since it would appear just after a blind curve. Although BJ would like to stop having a role in the management and rental of the portolet, there was concern there could be a return to the reports of public urination and general conflict between cyclists and residents in the community. Therefore BJ offered to continue the rental of the portolet in the current location until a resolution was determined. Also, a factor in this decision was BJ’s partnership with the Sampson Community Club and their position is to have it remain at the current site. Another meeting with the Commissioner is anticipated for determining a final resolution or just removal without another option.


History – Several years ago Commissioner Rossier supported this activity, put together task force, and worked with Jeffco T&E, Bike Jeffco, and the Sampson Community Center to establish the rest area. Goal was to minimize resident complaints and hostility between the community and cyclists, and it has been successful. The current situation came up with the time for lease renewal, and JCOS asked BJ to insure and maintain the facility. Some of the requirements were too onerous for BJ to successfully accomplish, thus the impasse.


5.    Safety- Jan has a Wavecell and MIPS helmet to try out. Regardless of the design, helmets must fit properly and not be over 5 years old.


6.    Winter commuting tips from a Pro, see 303 Cycling website.


7.    The Genesee bike path is generally not rideable in winter when after it snows, because in shady areas, sun does not melt it. Mike Raber said CDOT recommends riding on I-70 when the path is impassible and that is why they did not put a sign that I-70 not open to cyclists.


8.    Dedication of the Dave Evans Memorial Bench on October 9, 2019. Ruth Evans, Dave’s sister, was there who had just flown in from Manchester, England and she gave a moving statement about her brother’s legacy. Pattie Evans, Dave’s widow was there and greeted all attending. Other speakers with tributes to Dave were Steve Durian with Jeffco Transportation and Engineering, Dave Christie who worked on the original bikeway proposal with Dave, Mike Raber, Stan Sunderwirth and a cycling partner of Dave’s who remains unnamed as of this writing.,


9.    The December 10 meeting options were discussed including personal videos, Rusch to Glory feature length movie. Several venues were discussed, the New Terrain is $250 to rent a room. Clancy’s May be an option, or just keep it at the Taj.


Bike Blue and 2020 Legislation

Bike Blue, Bicycle Colorado, and Bike Jeffco are pushing a new distracted driving bill. Have had meetings with senator Court. Bike and motorcycle lobby groups and Law Enforcement are in discussions on this bill. A final draft of the new bill will be ready soon. It is a “detuned” version of the old bill which failed because of concerns whether it was enforceable. The new bill has a higher chance of passing. ACLU needs to like the language. The bill will include texting as an offense or holding a phone while driving. Bluetooth hands free will be OK. Sixteen other states have similar distracted driving versions and they work well.


Signage at the Pleasant View Community Park Multi-use Train

Peter McNutt, presentation Fall 2019 update. The new gravel path goes from Research Rd and the Pleasant View Community Park to NREL Parkway (20th) and Isabell. Currently there is not adequate signage to direct users how to find the paths. Peter has workec with NREL, Pleasant View and Jeffco to get agreement on what kind of signage and where to locate the signs. NREL needs DOE approval for wayfinding signs on NREL property. Also, Pleasant View Community approval is necessary. The plan is to use the standard Jeffco wayfinding sign template but shrunk down. Each jurisdiction will need to pay for signs on their property: DOE, Pleasant View, and Golden. There will be a December 10, 10 am Meeting at NREL education center to walk the route and set sign locations.


T&E projects

Yelena Onnen reported progress made on the West Line Bikeway repaving along 7th Ave between Colfax and Indiana, which is not to be finished until next spring. Its too cold for paving now. It will have bike lanes striped and signs. On McIntyre from 60th from county line is being done now. Grant money for 44th is available now. McIntyre from Clear Creek Trail to 32nd is not scheduled until 2022. It will have 6 ft sidewalks and 4 ft bike lanes. Jeffco will also work with CDOT on access to the Clear Creek Bike Trail. Can it be protected? Trucks coming in and out of distribution center area are a concern.


Yelena said there will be a bike master plan update next year so BJ will be involved. Dinosaur Ridge is getting new asphalt and where to run bike and ped traffic is still TBD. Once decided lanes need to be marked with paint and/or signs.


Police Blotter– Jim Lucas . Both 1A and CC did not pass so funding for jails is not adequate. He talked to Dahlkemper and expressed his opinion on the Phillipsburg portalet, but will defer to Commissioners and JCOS to make the decision. Apex park had a brush fire incident last week, 18 acres. Only state patrol logs accident reports, shared with Jeffco Sheriff’s and lessons learned applied if possible. Fatalities are down from last year.


Draft Bike Jeffco Projects List

The Projects List was distributed and Charlie asked for volunteers to step forward for 2020 action.

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