Bike Jeffco Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2019

Jefferson County Administration Building

100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO


Attendees: Charlie Myers, Mike Raber, Jan Stevenson, Dick Stoll, Steve Roe, Kelly Garrod, James Lucas, Ted Nowak, Virginia Temmer, Bob Moore, Dave Hammond, Glen DeRussey, Sam and Lois Riggs, Peter McNutt


Guest Speaker: Bob Moore, a founding member of Bike Jeffco

Special Guests: Virgina Temmer, President of the Sampson Community Club; Ted Novak, Sampson Community Club member



Introductions & a Few Announcements

  • Cobras Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series – the last evening race is tomorrow. Bike Jeffco members have been volunteering through the series. It’s an impressive event with folks of all ages as well as disabled athletes.
  • Ward Road G Line Grand Opening Event – Bike Jeffco had a table at the Ward Road Station. Free rides this Saturday.
  • Safe Driver Courses – we co-sponsor these events with Bicycle Colorado. There was one at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center on April 25 and one tomorrow night at the Buchanon Recreation Center in Evergreen.
  • Focus on Safety – Garrison Street had serious crashes northbound at 6th Ave. One rider was hit by an 18-year-old who side swiped him in the bike lane.
  • Charlie was able to get Wheat Ridge & CDOT to make a sign pole safer, however, although the hazard plate was added as requested, it needs to be turned so it can be clearly seen by northbound drivers/cyclists. Also on the Clear Creek Bike Path at the Kipling parking lot near 41st, there’s a long seam gap that could catch wheels.
  • For crash victims needing legal support, we can refer them to Megan Hottman, Brian Weiss, and Brad Tucker.
  • Megan asked the biking community to attend a hearing Thursday 8:30 AM at Taj 3rd floor. This was for a right hook accident in Lakewood.



Guest Speaker Bob Moore, a founding member of Bike Jeffco

In the early 1990s, Bicycle Colorado supported local advocacy groups like Bike Denver and Bike Aurora. Dave Evans was at a meeting Bob attended and was the most vocal person. He started Bike Jeffco. C470 at that time was not continuous, but Bike Jeffco got after CDOT to get a continuous path, including the bridge across 285. Also, they worked on bringing attention to a connection within Chatfield to C470 Path. Bike Jeffco did a thorough evaluation of bike paths and got federal funding to improve paths. Also, a lot of improvements in Deer Creek Canyon. When the county wanted center rumble strips on Deer Creek, the cycling community rallied to get them defeated. Dave pushed for a safety shoulder on Deer Creek. Bike Jeffco had about 6 folks in the early days that would pick projects, ride streets and paths, and lobby for improvements. Steve Williams was another active member in the early days. Starting around 1998, Jefferson County requested Bike Jeffco support in transportation planning and Jeffco engineers were at every meeting.


When asked how Bike Jeffco is different today than in the first decade, Bob said that now BJ has a similar mission and the same motivation, but is more sophisticated.


C470 Bike Path

Steve reported that the C470 path is open and continuous despite the on-going construction. However, it is no longer possible to get from the C470 path to the Mary Carter Green belt because of construction along the Platte River.


Dave Evans Memorial Bench

The bench has been ordered by Denver Mtn Parks (DMP). We’re still looking for confirmation of cost from DMP. The selection of the bench site along the Bikeway was a challenge. The original spot was not accepted by DMP but there still is a beautiful view from this new site.


The El Rancho/Genesee Bikeway is very dirty with gravel especially on the west end near El Rancho, and needs cleaning adjacent to I-70. Also, erosion along the path is bringing dirt and hillside erosion.


Phillipsburg Rest Area

New twists and turns to this story have occurred practically on a daily basis over the last few weeks. On Saturday night April 27, a vandal tore down the fencing around the portalet. On Monday April 29, Mike, Dick, and Charlie re-erected the fence. A night or two later, the fence was cut down, stolen and the portalet was pushed or dragged 50 feet away from its location on a pad. Also the portalet is being used for trash and deliberately soiled. Jeffco Sheriff’s tried to catch the vandals in the act using video surveillance for two subsequent nights after May 4 but did not catch them.


They were unaware of the history and justification for the rest stop. Open Space has insurance concerns, and they can’t pass this on to BJ. Jeffco Road & Bridge won’t take on maintenance of the facility, even though they built it. Now Bike Jeffco is expected to maintain.


Virginia Temmer reported that weeks before, a Sampson Community Club sign was cut down. Open Space is talking to the resident of the property adjacent to the portalet, who claims that the portalet was on his property. Open Space also told Bike Jeffco not to rebuild, because agreement is no longer in place. There may be liability concerns for both Bike Jeffco and JCOS. Tom Hobie of Jeffco Open Space had an idea that Jeffco could contract directly with Mountain Waste and we could pay them. Team Evergreen could possibly pay Jeffco to rebuild the fence. We split cost with TE and WRC, but we have the license.


Perhaps the best solution would be for Open Space to take over the facility, but they don’t want to; for one thing, it’s not near a trailhead. It is for the benefit of cyclists and residents, not Open Space users. The portalet has been in place for four years and it’s been very successful and extensively used, as evidenced by Charlie who was stationed there for a few hours on May 4.


Virginia is going to put a petition together to get residents to show their support for the rest stop. Bike Jeffco has sent a note to the new County Commissioner Dalkemper for a meeting and support on this.


Signage Issues:

JCOS put up a VMS sign in Deer Creek Canyon that stated, Be Courteous, Share the Road and Ride Single File. Members felt that Ride Single File following Share the Road contributes to a driver’s confusion and/or misunderstanding of what Share the Road means.

Regarding signs in places like Deer Creek Canyon, Lookout Mt, Squaw Pass Hwy 103, Golden Gate Canyon Rd, share the road signs are still being used. Bike Jeffco feels that “Share the Road” is open to interpretation and would prefer the county to replace them with “3 Feet to Pass” because it’s the law and this would better protect cyclists. We should discuss with County Commissioners as well as T&E for the “3 Feet to Pass” signs.


Pleasant View Community Park Multi-use Trail (NREL Bypass)

A gravel trail is done and looks pretty good after a several days of wet weather. Tammy with Pleasant View will set up a grand opening for the trail soon. Peter will contact her as a representative of NREL. The Multi-use trail Old golden to Denver west parkway. A possible Phase 2 may further connect to Quaker to the north of NREL.


Other Business

Jim Lucas is also working with special events to make sure promoters take responsibilities to inform and mitigate impact to residents.


Upcoming Events:

  • Pleasant View Trail TBA (May/June)
  • Pedaling4Parkinsons – June 8
  • Ride the Rockies Day Loop – June 9
  • Denver Century – June 15
  • Bike Jeffco get together at Red Rocks Beer Garden
  • Bike Jeffco Ride Reviews: Golden Gate Canyon & Jeffco wayfinding






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