Bike Jeffco Meeting Minutes: August 13, 2019

Jefferson County Administration Building

100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO


Attendees: Charlie Myers, Mike Raber, Steve Roe, Capt. James Lucas, Dave Hammond, Peter McNutt,
Beth Doliboa, David Hunter, Bill Plock, Yelena Onnen, Peter Gosteff, Craig Seaman, Richard Crane, Randi Polidori, David Hunter, Craig Seaman


Guest Speakers: David Hunter, President, COBRAS Cycling Club; Bill Plock; President 303 Cycling; Beth Doliboa, Planner with DRCOG




  • Attendees introduced themselves.
  • Charlie thanked Yelena Onnen for last month’s presentation in which she covered so comprehensively the almost 20 projects and initiatives.


David Hunter, COBRAS Cycling Club

The Cobras sponsor the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series
event each year at Cherry Creek State Park. The Cobras made extensive use of volunteers and organized 5 contractors. The time trial series is a very inclusive event with participant age range from 9 to 82 years old. Also, there are quite a few disabled racers, many of whom are tied into the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. David thanked Bike Jeffco for volunteering at events, with a special thanks to Mike Raber for using his influence to save the event this year and get the okay from CO State Park officials. The event is confirmed for next year as well.


COBRAS support youth cycling as a Front Range Cycling Club sponsor. Income gained from the time trial is reinvested into cycling organizations at ~$12,000/yr. Cobras have weekly group rides, including a fast ride on weekdays, and a no-drop ride on weekends. Cobras have adopted Hwy 74 for trash pickup. In September, Cobras have a Deer Creek hill climb club ride. Although the COBRAS started as a senior’s club, it’s now open to all ages. At the end of the presentation, a check was presented to Bike Jeffco from the COBRAS.


Bill Plock, 303 Cycling

Bill is the president of 303 Endurance Network, which has a cycling and triathlon website. The cycling website was put together a few years ago. Bill was brought into the 303 organization 7 years ago through 303 Triathlon. A couple years ago, Bill acquired rights to the total organization. The websites are an on-line community to share information and of stories of interest. His challenge is monetizing the website. Now Bill is merging websites into one, 303 Endurance. His goal is to make it more of a lifestyle website and a voice for cyclists and endurance athletes. He publishes stories about accidents to raise awareness, but it is unfortunate that a significant amount of the content is devoted to serious injuries and fatalities. He said that of the top 10 stories, 7 are crashes. Digital ads are impressions and they often get bumped by crash stories. The jobs page is number 2 in hits.


Bill is getting up to 140,000 readers from stories like the Kona Iron Man. His mission is building relationships. He’s tried an open forum, but this didn’t work out. He controls the content. A new column by Rob Quinn on mountain biking column is getting lots of readers (~100,000 people). Triathletes use the 303 sites more than cyclists. Most access the site through their phones. Bill has a team of 10 or 12 folks to network, connect and write stories.


Bill’s philosophy on running 303 was influenced by a podcast he saw 1-1/2 years ago by founder of Cliff Bar. Quaker tried to buy out Cliff Bar, and the owner felt he had a moral obligation to keep true to the culture, so he told Quaker the deal is off and bought out the company. Bill did the same to acquire 303 sports. He wants to build the advocacy part of site. He enjoys real-time interviewing at events. He is reliant on Facebook and Twitter.


Beth Doliboa, DRCOG Vision Zero Program

Beth has completed 2 years with DRCOG on safety related planning and analysis. Please refer to the attached presentation. The purpose of Vision Zero is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries in the Denver Region, increase awareness to influence safer behaviors, and provide strategies and a toolkit for safety in planning and designing of the transportation system.


Bike fatalities have been in the news lately; four in Denver last month. DRCOG covers 10 counties, a very large regional entity. Last year there were 266 fatalities, including motorists, in the Denver region. Bike/pedestrian account for 3% of all crashes, but 25% of fatalities. The current Active Transportation Plan (ATP) has more on bike and ped crashes, including map where you can zoom in and see specific locations. This allows focus on dangerous roads and intersections.


DRCOG’s goal is <100 fatalities by 2040. Vision zero originated in Sweden in 1997, with a focus on improving roadways knowing that humans will make errors. Vision Zero is spreading throughput US. DRCOG is a metro planning organization (MPO), and federal funds come in at that level MPO. DRCOG is first very large MPO to take this on.


Beth’s efforts have included meetings with Denver, Boulder, Lakewood, and Brighton who already have safety plans in place. Also, peer interaction with other MPOs to ask about their safety plans and enforcement programs. Elements include websites, stakeholder committees, webinars, and virtual engagement (Facebook, web-based surveys, etc.) The effort will ultimately get to measurable goals and a toolkit for each jurisdiction to use. Existing conditions and needs analysis will be conducted using area types (urban, suburban, rural). High injury network (the worst places in the transportation network) account for 75% of crashes on just on 9% of the regional roadway. The timeline for a draft plan is 2020, with final adoption June 2020.


For Jeffco, Yelena is in the process of getting crash data and linking it in a GPS program to look for trends and mitigation measures. Unfortunately, the data is hard to come by. A crash database is a work in progress. Jim Lucas noted that Jeffco Sheriff’s has an ongoing analysis of SBI and fatal crashes and passes feedback on to Jeffco Transportation & Engineering. The biggest cause of crashes is distracted driving.


Update from Piep Van Heuven

Bike Jeffco is planning a joint meeting with Bicycle Colorado next month. We can talk about bike-related legislation. The entry fee to get into State Parks needs discussion with State Legislators. The recently failed distracted driving initiative was so detailed and convoluted it never got through. A strategy is needed to bring back in a streamlined form. Illinois has a good model.


Pleasant View Community Park Multiuser Trail Opening

The new gravel trail is open for bikes to pass between Denver West Parkway and Research Road. This can reduce a cyclists time on a busier section of South Golden Road or even miss it entirely by proceeding south on Research Road to Moss and turning right on 10th Ave. Few people know about the multi-use trail so it would be good to put the route on open space trails maps, and other bike plan maps. Signage is needed too. NREL reps are considering wayfinding signage at strategic locations. Bike Jeffco will continue their partnership with NREL reps and the Pleasant View Community Metropolitan District on developing a Phase 2 plan that would include a continuation of the route across Research Road into the neighborhood west of NREL and allow cyclists access to Quaker Street and beyond.


Upcoming Events:

  • Ride and meet & greet at the Red Rocks Beer Garden in Morrison, August 29
  • Colorado Classic – Steamboat Springs August 22, Avon August 23, Golden August 23, Denver August 24. The Golden event will be a 7-lap stage race. Downtown Golden will be closed and will be a fun place to view the ride.
  • Ride Reviews of Golden Gate Canyon, September 4 (parking lot off Hwy 93 at 8:30 am)
  • Dedication of the Dave Evans Memorial Bench, October 9 10:30 am






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