Bike Jeffco Board

Meeting Minutes


Date/Time: Thursday, April 9, 2020

Mike Raber, Jan Stevenson, Charlie Myers, Steve Roe, Stan Sunderwirth, Dick Stoll

  1. Safety Swag

    200 embroidered iron-on patches have been ordered from Primal and should arrive in a month or so. Nick Phipers is our account rep.

  2. Legislative

    Distracted driving bill on hold

    Bike lLane bill passed and signed by Governor

  3. Waterton Canyon Area

    A Metro District has funding to build a bike/ped bridge over the Platte just SW of Wadsworth, timeframe unknown

  4. Lookout Mountain

    Charlie asked Yelana to put up a permanent 3 ft to pass sigh on Lookout Mountain road because of high bike/car traffic and many out of state drivers who don’t know how to ride with cyclists. She resisted saying they don’t want cars to cross centerline and possibly hit oncoming traffic. Jeffco will take a formal look at the road as part of the updated bike/ped plan. City of Golden reps JJ Trout and Joe Purr may be supportive of helping cyclists on Lookout Mountain.

  5. Jeffco Politics

    Mike Raber said Jeffco is somewhat in chaos now where politics can override what is law. To influence change, we need to get to know and enlist support from County Commissioners and District Attorneys. There will be new ones after this November election.

    DA Candidates: Steve Jenson (R), Matthew Dirkin (R), Jake Lilly (D), Alexis King (D)

    CC Candidates: Andy Kerr (D), Tracy Kraft-Tharp

  6. Phillipsburg Rest Area Status – Dave

    Jeffco put up their sign, but not with there name on it! It has a punitive tone and we’ll put up our own sign thanking cyclists for using the Portolet and to find other options now that it is gone. Virginia Temmer continues to monitor for public urination, and is still advocating a new facility sponsored by Jeffco. BJ could play a facilitation role in a new facility.

  7. COVID Cancellations or Postponements

    Roxborough E-car postponed, Jeffco Health Fair cancelled, Denver Century and Ride the Rockies TBD


  8. Ride Review

    Charlie will distribute Golden-Denver ride review report and eventually we’ll include maps and links from Strava or Ride with GPS.

  9. Meetings

    No meeting in April. Zoom meeting in May






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