Next Meeting Announcement November 13 at 6:30 PM

Where: Jefferson County Administration Building,
100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO – Room 1566
We are pleased to have as our keynote speaker, Scott Brink, the director of the Wheat Ridge Public Works Department.  A number of regional bike routes pass through Wheat Ridge and Scott was responsible with improving some of these routes by the installation of the first bike lanes in Wheat Ridge.
He is also continuing to plan and implement bike facilities associated with the Ward Rd Station and with the Last Mile project. Scott understands the needs of cyclists as he is an avid cyclist himself having pedaled the Triple Bypass and other classic rides on the Front Range.
Reps with the Wheat Ridge Active Transportation Advisory Team (ATAT) are also invited to share a few of their stories on their successful advocacy.


Propositions 109 and 110 were discussed at the October meeting and members felt we should send CDOT”s summary to everyone on our email list (see attached).
Here’s another version from the CDOT website:
Basically, Proposition 109 has no provision for intermodal transportation or bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure whereas, Proposition 110 does. In fact, the portion of funding for transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure for 110 is 15%.
We had a good turnout for Megan Hottman last meeting and all felt she was very interesting and informative.
The announcement of the November 13th meeting will be out by the first of next week.
Let’s get our ballots in and enjoy the fall riding.
Thank you,
Charlie Myers
Bike Jeffco – Chairman

Brief Summary of Last Meeting – October 9

Megan Hottman was our keynote speaker and  she is an expert in bicycle law and works closely with law enforcement providing educational workshops on cycling law. She was very interesting and informative on the trends she has seen through her 125 cases.
Capt. James Lucas also walked us through the mechanics of a bike crash investigation which was very informative and should help bike Jeffco volunteers better understand the steps involved.