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Signing of the Safe Stop Bill by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Photo by Jack Todd

Bike Jeffco, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) bicycle advocacy organization for Jefferson County and surrounding regions.


Our mission is to be the voice for promoting enjoyable and safe cycling in Jefferson County and surrounding regions.  Bike Jeffco was established in 1998 through the leadership of the late Dave Evans to address safety hazards on Deer Creek Canyon Road and reduce cyclist/driver conflicts.  We continue to work on education for both cyclists and motorists to reduce the potential for conflicts, and to encourage responsible behaviors.


We collaborate with many organizations and individuals who support our vision of enjoyable and safe cycling.  Our core missions are to promote:

  • Better infrastructure
  • Safe/low stress routes with great signage
  • Bicycle education to influence safer, responsible behavior
  • Expanding cycling as recreation, transportation
  • Expanding e-bike usage and trail/path access



Bike Jeffco does not charge membership fees – all are welcome.  We’ve worked with:

  • Cyclists
  • Law enforcement officers
  • County transportation planners
  • Bike shop owners
  • Bicycling clubs
  • Bicycling advocacy groups
  • Libraries


Bike Jeffco Board of Directors:

Jan Stevenson, Chair
Charlie Myers, Vice Chairman
Dave Hammond, Treasurer
Steve Roe, Secretary
Mike Raber, Board Member
Dick Stoll, Board Member
Stan Sunderwirth, Board Member
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