A Tacky Situation: Deer Creek Canyon Road Challenges Continue

Bike Jeffco’s Facebook page received an alert from a rider early Sunday, July 3rd stating that he had encountered many thumb tacks once he turned onto Deer Creek Canyon Road. Later in the day, someone or several someones contacted 9News to report the incident. A crew was sent to the site, and the incident became a lead story for the evening newscast. You can view this 90 second newscast here:

If you were one of the riders impacted by a flat tire in this incident, please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office non-emergency line at 303-277-0211 and refer to case number 16-166-83.  Save the evidence – many took photos of the tacks in their tires.

This isn’t the first time that tacks have been strewn on Deer Creek Canyon Road. It is a very disappointing and mean spirited act that is quite frankly the kind of incident that galvanizes cyclists to band together to address the behaviors. We have spent a lot of time and almost 90 percent of our limited Bike Jeffco resources working on improving the relationship between Deer Creek Canyon residents and riders. We provide a porta-potty at Phillipsburg to give cyclists a break that isn’t on someone’s property. We provide a trash can (soon to be bear proof) for cyclists to get rid of the gel packs, etc. Like many relationships, this one will continue to require work by both parties.

The Deer Creek Canyon residents ask for a few things that REALLY would not be difficult for more cyclists using the roadway to deliver:

– when you stop on the side of the road, MOVE YOURSELF AND THE BIKE to the shoulder and don’t stand on the roadway with your bike. It’s the number one complaint that DCC drivers have.
– enjoy the beauty of the canyon road, and the tranquil silence that made you want to ride it and appreciate it from the very first….KEEP your voices down. Residents really don’t want to hear your latest tales while you shout them to your riding partners.
– USE the porta…not their yards.
– DEPOSIT the used gel packs in our trash bin at Phillipsburg…not on the roadway. Some residents picking these up report getting up to 140 of them from a weekend.

Most cyclists are very compliant with these requests. We hope that you are one of them.

This will be the one of the main topics for discussion at our 9 AUGUST meeting at 6:30 PM in the Jefferson County Courts and Admin Building, Room 1564.

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