2014….a Good year! 2015….will be a GREAT year for cyclists!

2014 was a great year for Bike Jeffco. We passed a number of major milestones. Hopefully, 2015 will be even better.

Perhaps the greatest achievement is one not  unique to Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties. It is the acceptance of cycling as legitimate mode of transportation by the decision makers. No longer are we a bunch of loonies in lycra. For the first time since the birth of the automobile, the actual miles traveled by auto has diminished. Meanwhile, other modes of transportation, such as transit and cycling have seen increases.

This makes the work of our advocacy group much easier when we have decision makers and planners on our side!

Come to our meeting on January 13th, 7:00pm at the Jefferson County Government Center when we will go over the 2015 plans in detail.

2014 – A Good Year


501(c)(3) Status with the IRS.
Bike Jeffco is now registered as a charitable organization and, as such, all donations to the organization are tax deductible.   We will be putting a DONATE button on this website soon as many people have asked how they can support the work of our all volunteer staff.

First Bike Jeffco Sponsored Rest Area Built
After much negotiation with the Jefferson County Open Space division, our first rest area has been built at Phillipsburg in Deer Creek Canyon. This should be operational by the spring.

Outreach Events
Bike Jeffco provided support to Denver Century participants at the Broomfield rest area.
Bike Jeffco took a booth at the VeloSwap event in October.
We provided local biking info at the Dinosaur Ridge Open Day nearby Red Rocks Park.

Emergency Phone Usage
Two bicycle accidents in Deer Creek Canyon were initially reported from the emergency phones installed there at the insistence of Bike Jeffco.

Bowles Avenue and SW Plaza.
As the County Commissioners rejected the staff proposal to add bike lanes to Bowles Avenue between C-470 and South West Plaza, Bike Jeffco suggested and subsequently got approval for an alternate bike route using lightly trafficked streets to the north of Bowles Ave. The plan includes signing the route and paving a short link from the C-470 bikeway to the new bike route.

As part of the bicycle improvements around South West PLaza, the County installed bike lanes along Cross Drive between Wadsworth Blvd and Bowles Avenue.

Bicycle Friendly Status for Jefferson County.
Bike Jeffco encouraged and subsequently helped complete an application to achieve bicycle friendly status for the unincorporated parts of the County. Though the response was only an honorable mention, the County was encouraged to apply again after making suggested improvements.

Bergen Parkway Improvements
Bike lanes were being installed along Bergen Parkway north of the roundabout to SH-74.

Federal Funding Application
Bike Jeffco has worked with County staff to suggest projects to improve bicycle routes in the County.

The County has applied for funding for the following routes:
1) Provide a bikeway along US 6 from the Christopher Dodge car dealership to the County Admin building. This is part of extending the West Line bikeway from the light rail station at Oak Street to the end of the line.

2) Add shoulders to 32nd Ave between Eldridge and Alkire.
3) Add shoulders to McIntyre between 32nd and 58th Ave.

West Line Bikeway
Though pleased with the establishment of a bike way alongside the West Line light rail between the Platte River trail and Oak Street station, Bike Jeffco produced and submitted a report on safety and signage issues related to the route.
The safety issues have been addressed for the most part.

El Rancho – Genesee Link
Construction of this vital link, first proposed by Bike Jeffco in 2005, has been delayed until at least 2015 as construction costs have increased significantly with the economic recovery.

Clear Creek County
CDOT and Clear Creek County upgraded Squaw Pass Road between the Jefferson County line and Echo Lake Lodge to make it safe for road cyclists. A climbing shoulder was added.
Witter Gulch Road between Upper Bear Creek Road and Squaw Pass Road has been paved to make it arguably the most challenging road climb in the area. It also provides a very fast descent from Squaw Pass Road to Evergreen.
Work continues on the section of Guanella Pass in Park County. from the Clear Creek County border south to Grant.
A chip and seal surface has been added to the recently completed section of Guanella Pass in Clear Creek County. Despite early reports of dangerous riding for road cyclists due to loose gravel, the surface is now ‘clean’ again.

Peaks to Plains Trail
Bike Jeffco supported Clear Creek and Jefferson Counties in their applications for funding to build a 10′ wide multipurpose concrete trail alongside Clear Creek for 11.2 miles west of Golden.
We also made a number of field trips into the Canyon to understand the project better.

Colorado Strategic Highway Safety Plan
Bike Jeffco was represented in the review body for this State plan.



2015 – An Even Better Year?


Bike Lakewood
Bike Jeffco will help form a new subgroup focussed solely on improving bicycle facilities in the City of Lakewood.

Bowles Avenue and SW Plaza
Bike Jeffco will encourage the County to add striped bike lanes to the bike route between C-470 and the mall.
Bike Jeffco plans to work with the mall management company to make the mall, which is currently being upgraded, more bicycle friendly.

Bicycle Friendly Status for Jefferson County.
Bike Jeffco will work with the County to resubmit the application to achieve Bicycle Friendly Community Status.

New Bike Lanes.
The County plans to add bike lanes along McIntyre Street between 44th Avenue and 48th Avenue.
Bike Jeffco will continue to encourage the County to extend the bike lanes south to 32nd Ave. as well as add shoulders to 32nd Avenue between Youngfield Street and Golden.
The County plans to add bike lanes along Chatfield Avenue between Kendall Boulevard and Pierce Street. They are also considering bike lanes along portions of Pierce Street between Bowles Avenue and Chatfield Avenue.

West Line Bikeway
Bike Jeffco will work to improve the signage along and close to the route. We will encourage the City of Lakewood to install a dedicated secton of bikeway between Kipling Street and Oak Street.

El Rancho – Genesee Link
CDOT has assured Bike Jeffco that sufficient funding will be found to allow construction of this link in 2015.

C-470 Widening
Bike Jeffco is concerned that the proposal to add lanes to C-470 between I-25 and Kipling Parkway will degrade the existing bikeway  with regard to noise and pollution. Working with Bicycle Douglas County, Bike Jeffco is producing a proposal of upgrades and safeguards to the bikeway to submit to the design team.

More Rest Areas
Bike Jeffco plans to look at enhancing the new rest area at Phillipsburg and establishing more rest areas at much needed locations on popular routes.

Consistent Signage
Bike jeffco will work with all jurisdictons in the County to establish consistent signage for cyclists showing locations, directions and mileage.


Coal Creek Canyon
Bike Jeffco successfully lobbied CDOT to include shoulders on the section of Coal Creek Canyon (SH72) that is to be rebuilt after it was destroyed in the floods of 2013 – subject to Right of Way and environmental clearances.

Bear Creek Canyon
Bike Jeffco is lobbying CDOT to complete the partial climbing shoulder in Bear Creek Canyon (SH74) west of Morrison to Evergreen.

2016 US Pro Challenge Route
Bike Jeffco plans to organize a group of interested local government bodies to lobby for a new stage through Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties culminating in a mountain top finish in Clear Creek County.

Peaks to Plains Trail
Bike Jeffco would like to see the pace of construction increased on the Jefferson County section in Clear Creek Canyon. We would also like to see an extension planned through Adams County to provide easy access to/from Denver International Airport. This could provide a major boost to bicycle tourism in the State.

Mt Evans Road (SH103)
CDOT plans to resurface the road and add a bicycle climbing lane between Idaho Springs and Echo Lake Lodge.

100th Avenue
Bike Jeffco will continue to lobby the City of Westminster to add shoulders to this dangerous stretch of highway.

RTD Gold Line Bicycle Access
Bike Jeffco will work with interested parties in Wheat Ridge and Arvada to plan access routes to the new rail line to be opened in 2016 and to plan a bike commuter route to downtown Denver.

Golden Gate Canyon Road
Bike Jeffco will continue to lobby for a climbing shoulder between Golden and the County line on this scenic but unsafe road.


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